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Surety Bonds

At ELM, our Surety Bonds provide that robust layer of confidence. They assure all stakeholders that projects will progress smoothly, that promises will be kept, and commitments will be honoured.

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Building a Secure Tomorrow.

Protecting your construction business means understanding every beam, brick, and bolt that goes into it
With ELM, dive deep into construction insurance that’s as robust as your projects. Tailored to the complexities of the construction world, our policies offer peace of mind alongside the bricks and mortar.
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Types of Surety Bonds

Developer Surety

  • Tarion Warranty Corporation Bond

    Protect your condominium deposits up to $20,000 per unit, acting as a reliable safety net under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan.

Contract Surety

  • Bid Bonds

    Win contracts with assurance; our Bid Bonds maximize your bid’s potential while minimizing the risk of bid withdrawal.

  • Agreement to Bond (Surety's Consent)

    Strengthen your contractual position with our Surety’s Consent, ensuring seamless progress and mitigating the doubts of project stakeholders.

  • Performance Bonds

    Deliver on your promises with Performance Bonds that enhance project credibility and minimize the threat of unfulfilled obligations.

  • Labour & Material Bonds

    Build trust in your project’s completion with Labour & Material Bonds that secure supplier and workforce loyalty, reducing the risk of payment disputes.

  • Supply Bonds

    Guarantee the flow of materials with Supply Bonds, boosting supply chain reliability and reducing the likelihood of project delays.

  • Lien Bonds

    Keep your property transactions clean and unencumbered with Lien Bonds, alleviating the concerns of liens and ensuring smooth project continuation.

Key Features and Benefits

Customized Bond Solutions

Every project is unique, and so are our bonds. ELM crafts each bond to align perfectly with your project’s requirements.

Swift Bond Approvals

As an independent brokerage, bond decisions are made quickly, directly, and always with your best interests in mind.

More Than Just Bonds

Our bonds come with the backing of decades of industry knowledge. We understand the in’s and out’s of the construction landscape, ensuring that our surety bonds aren’t just compliant but also competitive.

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