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Personal Insurance

At ELM Insurance, every inquiry, every question, and every conversation is important.
We value the opportunity to guide you through your insurance needs, ensuring you’re covered at every turn. Reach out, and let’s embark on your insurance journey together.

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Protection for What Matters Most

From your home and cars to your seasonal retreats and prized possessions, our Personal Insurance policies are tailored to protect you, your family, and your valuable assets against the unexpected.

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Types Of Personal Insurance

  • Specialty Home & Auto Insurance

    Tailored for those who require more than standard coverage, our policies provide enhanced protection for high-value homes and automobiles, ensuring that your premium assets are covered comprehensively.

  • Seasonal & Investment Property Insurance

    Whether it’s a beach house, ski lodge, or a rental property portfolio, our Seasonal & Investment Property Insurance ensures your secondary properties are protected year-round, regardless of occupancy.

  • Recreational & Collector Vehicle Insurance

    Our policies assure the best protection for your recreational and prestigious vehicles. Experience detailed coverage that meets the high standards of your unique collection.

  • Boats, Yachts, and Personal Watercraft Insurance

    Navigate confidently with our tailored marine coverage, ensuring your adventures are always smooth sailing.

  • Unique Collections & Valuables Insurance

    Preserve the legacy of your fine art, jewelry, and wine collections. Our Unique Collections & Valuables Insurance offers bespoke policies that protect against damage, theft, or loss, ensuring that your most precious items are insured to their full value.

  • Personal Excess (Umbrella) Liability

    Extend your liability coverage with our Personal Excess Liability insurance. This umbrella policy acts as an additional layer of protection over your existing policies, safeguarding your assets against large liability claims or judgments.

Key Features and Benefits

Personalized Protection

We understand the unique value of your possessions and craft insurance solutions with the same care you invest in them.

Expert Risk Assessment

Our specialists assess potential risks with precision, offering coverage that respects the worth of your investments.

Dedicated Support

At ELM, service is personal. We’re there when you need us, ensuring a swift, compassionate response to any concerns or claims.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Secure the comprehensive, customized insurance coverage you deserve.