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Emergency Claims

Disasters don’t wait, and neither should you. When unexpected events strike, ELM Insurance provides swift, dedicated claims services to expedite your emergency insurance claims.

Immediate Assistance When You Need It Most

Our experts are always ready to ensure your documentation is complete and precise, helping your claims from Canada’s leading insurers as fast as possible.

Emergency Numbers

Echelon 1-866- 252-2854

Economical / Definity 1-800-607-2424

Facility Association 1-866-464-2424

Intact / Jevco 1-866-464-2424

Northbridge 1-855-621-6262

Pembridge / Pafco 1-800-387-0462

Premier Marine 1-800-235-8784

Travelers/Dominion/Chieftain Insurance 1-800-661-5522

Totten Group 1-877-896-0015

UNICA Insurance 1-866-864-1113

How We Can Help

When the unexpected happens, you need a partner who stands ready to assist, no matter the hour or the crisis. At ELM Insurance, our emergency claims service is structured around immediate response and effective action.

We help streamline the claims process, from initial documentation to communication with insurers, to ensure you’re not alone in navigating the complexities of emergency claims.

Our goal is to expedite not only the claims process but also to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often accompany such unforeseen events. By managing the particulars of your claim, we free you to focus on what truly matters—recovery and moving forward

Don’t let an emergency set you back.

Contact ELM Insurance now for emergency claims assistance and let us navigate the complexities for you.